Who we are

It’s quite difficult to answer the question of who we are.


Why you ask?


Because if we wanted to name each of the 141 employees of DARCstudio s.r.o., the company behind this project, you would probably read this text for a long time. Yes, each of the 141 people mentioned deserves it, because each of them has a part in making this portal possible to be created and to exist. Whether under the name Travelista. sk (SK & CZ), Amazing Travel magazine (SK & CZ), or Blue Flag Magazine (EN), These people have or have had a hand in every single project.


In the end, everything stands and falls on one person. This is Juraj – the owner of DARCstudio s.r.o.

Juraj is a native Slovak. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts London in the field of the documentary camera, he founded the company. It is a small film studio based in the UK. From the very beginning, he has succeeded in working with such prestigious partners as National Geographic, the BBC, and many others. With the first mentioned, our company has had a contract for the preparation and creation of documentary series for 14 years.


During that time, we recorded a total of more than 9.500 minutes of finished broadcast material for NG. In 2020, we achieved a share of our production in NG broadcasting of 41.8%.


In 2016, Juraj came up with the idea of launching a Slovak-language website about countries around the world in some portal or magazine format. Since we have an incredible amount of unprocessed resp. unused material from the shooting, so he wanted to bring readers something exclusive, in the form of unique videos. The original idea was not to launch a classic travel portal as you normally know it but to look at individual countries differently, more in-depth, history and so on. He just wanted you to know the countries you go to differently.


Everything about articles, videos, etc. Juraj solves it himself and he enjoys it very much … According to his own words, he is most pleased with the fact that thanks to DARCstudio, our partners also believed in this project and thus became supporters of the Travelista.SK portal.


Thank you all very much for this and we are honored to introduce them to you. They work with us to travel to different destinations to create new current articles and videos.

Grand Hotel Esztergom

Thanks to these partners, we have secured tickets, accommodation in various hotels, car rentals in the destinations where we travel, etc., if necessary.

Length of existence

DARCstudio Ltd. was established 16 years ago.


  • At the highest level, we cooperate with various ministries and government offices in about 45 countries around the world.
  • We receive dozens of invitations to different countries every year.
  • We have regular contacts with ambassadors.

Headquarters and branches

The company is based in the United Kingdom.
We have branches in

  • Singapore (since 2014)
  • USA – New York (since2017)
  • At the same time, an administrative headquarters for the EU has been established in Lithuania since 2020.

States visited

116 countries

Number of employees

  • UK: 86
  • Singapore: 22
  • USA: 30
  • Lithuania: 3


378 125

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